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Since 2007, Pegah Jahan Nama Co. has been consistently producing hygienic and nutritionally balanced poultry feed for high-performance breeds using the best raw materials available, advanced feed milling technology, and rigorous quality control. As commercial poultry cycles become increasingly shorter, requirements for feed specification and feeding programs are more sophisticated than ever.

PJN Co. conducts year-round R&D in nutrition and feed technology to ensure that the feed is always optimized for poultry performance. As part of our total poultry solution proposition, we have teams of mobile Customer & Technical Service professionals dedicated to providing poultry farmers with on-site solutions for the best commercial results and helping them extract the best values from our products.

Quality Control is implemented at every stage of the production process, and through the years, we have gradually organized a team of eminent nutritionists dedicated to this aspect of production. Indeed, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality of life and create bright lives for people today and generations to come.

Pegah Jahan Nama Co.

  • Supplying a broad portfolio of high-quality, cost-effective poultry feed products in Iran and exporting to other countries

  • Offering cutting-edge technologies and nutrient analysis to gain the best performance

  • Using the best feed additives to support animal health

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