Gildaneh Jahan Nama Co.

Jahan Nama Group
Broiler Breeders & Chicken Meat Production

Best Performance Through Science

Gildaneh Jahan Nama Co. is a leading producer of broiler chicks with many breeding and hatching facilities. Quality is our priority and throughout the breeding cycle, we consistently apply the latest research-based technology in a world-class bio-secure environment.

For greater quality transparency and flock uniformity; GJN Co. grades all commercial chicks by quality or maturity and also provides customized vaccinations for specific needs and door-to- door delivery using its own sanitized vehicles. Our regional teams of technical service staff are always on hand to help customers achieve optimal poultry performance.

Gildaneh Jahan Nama Co.

Production of day-old broiler chicks to customers in Iran and other countries

Engaging in the development, production, and sale of broiler breeding stocks & supplying specific market requirements

A protein-focused company in preparing & processing food products in Iran and exporting to the middle east and CIS countries

Making grade food for a variety of food service customers

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GJN Co. has one of the largest production and distribution networks of commercial broilers in Iran. We work with hundreds of contract farmers to ensure that fresh quality broilers are affordable and widely available year-round and our professional poultry experts, trained in animal husbandry, nutrition, and veterinary science, offer complete on-site support to many customer farmers throughout Iran.

Produced exclusively by our poultry breeding operation, the commercial broilers are raised with care and customized feed for optimum growth and also can be harvested at different live weights to suit variable regional distribution channels. Our broilers are also known for uniformity, high carcass quality, and animal health as the cumulative results of our excellent poultry infrastructure and total solution expertise. 

GJN Co. also provides value-added chicken products for modern food services with the same companywide commitment to quality. It operates its integrated network of commercial poultry farms and the best slaughterhouse processing facilities close to many metropolitan areas of Iran to guarantee a consistent and traceable supply of fresh quality chicken meat.

This company produces over 20 raw chicken products customized to meet the quality, flavor, and consistency required by global markets and domestic food service companies. It also conducts product development for customer-exclusive creations, and the deliveries can be made using the company’s own sanitized & temperature-controlled vehicles.